John Fisherman (NO)



Varighed: 60-90 min | Alder: Alle aldre

”Do you need money? We give it to you for free. Just come and take it! Find John and earn your money for free.” This is the invitation from the Norwegian artist John Fisherman to his performance at Waves Festival 2019. #MoneyForFree is an urban poetic-political intervention that helps us reflect on the meaning of a capitalist society and also reflects our ability to empower ourselves and make decisions together. John Fisherman turns the audience into a shoal of fish in the see chasing the bait he serves from high above: money. And suddenly it becomes clear how these banknotes has taken over the control of our lives.

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30.08. FRIDAY

Algade 62, 6.15pm


Algade 62, 4.15pm


Concept and performance: John Fisherman