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Duration: 40 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

TRANSHUMANIST is a duet between two male dancers who express themselves in the dance form of popping – a robot-like style that emerged from the hip hop genre. The duet unfolds in an alluring universe, a place where the boundaries between artificial and human nature are dissolved. In an electronic soundscape, the dancers move as if they had landed in another reality. The future has announced itself and made it technologically possible to become more than ordinary human.
How do we as humans navigate these future perspectives? Transhumanist is a dance performance that gives a picture of a possible future through popping and electronic music. An equally fascinating and a slightly scary future.

21.08 MONDAY & 22.08 TUESDAY
Valdalsparken 16:30

Free admission

Idea & Choreography: Lene Boel
Performers: Malthe Ørsted & Martin Karlshøj
Music: Rex Casswell

Supported by:
Statens Kunstfond
Augustinus Fonden
Louis Hansen Fonden
Wilhelm Hansen Fonden