Society, climate and sustainability

In the planning process of WAVES Festival 2023, we have particularly had several current, society-related issues in mind: gender, identity, inclusion, diversity, climate and sustainability. Of course our work with the festival has as its first priority to select performances based on an artistic perspective and relevance, but having said that, the above topics have also had an impact on the selection procedure. We hope it is perceivable in the program.

As something new, this year WAVES Festival joins the struggle for a better planet, on various fronts. We do this through modest but concrete measures: use of mainly organic seasonal products and smaller amounts of meat in the meals of the many artists and staff involved in the festival; limited use of fireworks in the traditional closing show, more conscious reuse of materials from previous festivals, and then we have chosen to change the printed festival program to a smaller format that requires far fewer resources to produce.

At the same time, we are embarking on a project which aims to contribute to the restoration of the damaged part of Danish nature: this year we will plant 1.000 trees in the country, as a CO2 compensation for the artists we are transporting here by plane. We do this in collaboration with the Growing Trees Network and Kulturregionen Storstrømmen. During the festival, we will mark the initiative with a ceremony in which we would like to involve the city’s children and it’s citizens in general, which will consist of planting 3 fruit trees in 3 selected places in the city. It will take place on Friday 25 August at 14.00 H. as part of the artistic outdoor program. It initiates with a march from Stentorvet, in the city’s  pedestrian street, Algade and ends at Pavillon K at Skovvej.

Friday the 8th of December we will start the planting of the 1.000 trees.

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