Planeta Trampoli (ES)



Duration: 40 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

A trampoline show for the whole family with Planeta Trampoli. The Spanish performer Angel de Miguel Garcia uses dance, jumping, gymnastics and acrobatics on the trampoline, which doesn’t always agree with him. The trampoline comes to life as our artist performs acrobatic tricks and changes our view of what a trampoline can do. A piece of equipment that we know well is transformed into a dear friend, and with humor, rhythms, and poetry, we fall in love with it all over again. An energetic show where classic circus is mixed with urban culture – through dance, music, and the art of scratching vinyl records at the record player and, not least, trampoline jumping.

23.08 MONDAY & 24.08 TUESDAY
Ruinterrænet 15.45

Free admission

Concept and interpreter: Angel de Miguel Garcia
Direction: Planeta Trampolí
Costumes: Maria Teresa Garcia Major // La Cosette Mataró
Scenography: Planeta Trampolí // Benet Jofre
Thanks to: Amaya Minguez Rosa Forteza, Alejandro Navarro, Guillermo Aranzana Jordi Mas

Supported by:
Institut Ramon Llull