Tripotes la Compagnie (BE)

ENCORE UNE FOIS (One more time)


Duration: 45 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

Ping-pong-balls from mouth to mouth. Dizzying jumps on a seesaw. Bodies that are grabbed and turned. ‘Encore une fois’ means once again and is an acrobatic game between three artists who allow each other to fail. In this performance, nothing needs to be perfect; you are allowed to make mistakes. Then you just start all over and do the whole thing again. Repetitions, variations, risks, control. Playful danger or dangerous play? The performance is created by the young, Spanish-Greek collective Tripotes la Compagnie, which is based in Brussels. The trio is known for its curious, poetic play with objects and its innovative, masterful acrobatics.

21.08 MONDAY & 22.08 TUESDAY
Valdalsparken 14:00

Free admission

Acrobats: Julio Calero Ferre, Daniel Torralbo Pérey, Gianna Sutterlet.
Music: Julio Calero Ferre