Espuma Bruma (AR)

rOdandO (on the move)


Duration: 30 min. | Language: None | Age: All

rOdandO is a performance created in 2010 in Mar del Plata in Argentina. That year Espuma Bruma decided to leave her profession as a literature teacher in order to travel the world with her tightrope. Added to the tightrope walk is the magic of giant bubbles, a crystal ball and manipulation of objects. The ambience is poetic and comical – about a clown captivating the audience with a balancing act. rOdandO is a woman’s magical journey travelling alone from Latin America using only her tightrope to thrill. rOdandO has participated in festivals in Latin America, Europe and Asia. // Facebook // Instagram

21.08 MONDAY & 22.08 TUESDAY
Ruinterrænet 15:45

Free admission

Creation and interpretation: Celeste Zalloechevarría
Construction of the structure: Dodo Giovanetti
Costumes: Pato Garcia
Design: Joanna Fernandez

The performance is also shown Sunday the 20th of August at Kultursalonerne Gisselfeld, read more her.