Imperial Kikiristan (FR)



Duration: 45 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

Let yourself go and receive an exquisite service of high quality. This is the offer from an orchestra capable of the craziest and most unexpected inventions in the street accompanied by music and laughter. The orchestra plays and moves through the street in a formation that, like the chameleon, adapts to its surroundings. They envelop everything and everyone in their path with humor, serenades, and frantic solos, while moving in a set choreography dressed in festive uniforms. Imperial Kikiristan will get the party going as they spread the vibe of traditional Kikiristan hospitality. // Facebook

21.08 MONDAY & 22.08 TUESDAY
Valdalsparken ➡️ Algade 14:45

Free admission

Performers: Benjamin Poulain, Florian Vidgrain, Guillaume Cottin, Quentin Marotine, Frédéric Couve, Eugène Gaumeton

le Conseil Départemental de Saône-et-Loire, la Région Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, la Spedidam