La Belle Ècole (ES)



Duration: 50 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

Caricatos is a warm, subtle, and elegant performance that focuses on communication with the audience without words. It’s an impromptu duel between two endearing clowns who easily evoke laughter. Without language, each of them must use their body or gestures as weapons. The inspiration for Caricatos comes from history’s greatest clowns and silent film stars, from Buster Keaton to Bill Irwin. Based on pantomime, slapstick and humor, new artistic expressions are added to the classic clown figure. La Belle École was formed by the two comedians Hugo Miró and Samuel Penhastro, who both have a long international career behind them. Caricatos is La Belle École’s first performance. // Facebook // Instagram

21.08 MONDAY & 22.08 TUESDAY
Slotstorvet 17:10

Free admission

Script: Hugo Miró og Samuel Penhastro
Direction: Hugo Miró og Samuel Penhastro
Mentor: Leandre Ribera
Artists: Hugo Miró og Samuel Penhastro
Costumes: Dora Martinez