Soon Circus Company (SE/ES)



Duration: 50 minutes | Language: Only few words in English | Age: All

What happens when humor, sports, and high-level acrobatics meet around a seesaw and a tall metal pole? You can experience that when Soon Circus Company present their acrobatic circus-performance Gregarious about the meeting between sporting rivalry rivals? and friendship. Inspired by their own friendship, the two circus artists, Spanish Manel Rosés and Swedish Nilas Kronlid, have managed to create an acrobatic gem that both impresses with its apparent easiness and life-affirming humor. With an explosive energy ¬– a result of the heat of the battle, and from the bonds formed within it – Gregarious is an anti-heroic tale that will make you laugh, loose your breath, and perhaps even shed a little tear.

Valdalsparken 14.00

Free admission

Creators and performers: Nilas Kronlid, Manel Rosés
Outside Eye: Joan Catalá, Angela Wand
Music: Albert Oliveres

Supported by:
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee