Kukai Dantza & Brodasbros (ES)

TOPA (An encounter)


Duration: 30 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

Come join the street party at Slotstorvet! Topa (a chance encounter) is a dance performance that combines elements from both hip-hop and traditional Basque dance to create its own new world. The street, the music, and the bodies of the four dancers are the only ingredients needed in this celebration of Basque traditions with hip-hop as the guest of honor. Feel the beat as the dancers take the ‘stage’ with acrobatic movements that look as easy as breathing. Kukai Dantza and Brodas Bros have each brought the best of both dance worlds, making this co-production a unique experience. Kukai Dantza was established on the initiative of dancer Jon Maya Sein in 2001.


Slotstorvet 16:35

Free admission

Choreography: Jon Maya & Lluc Fruitos
Dancers: Kukai Dantza & Brodas Bros
Music: Lacrimoboy
Costumes and sets: Ikerne Gimenez
Technical team: Angel Agüero
Distribution & international relationships: AnSó. Raybaut.Pérès