Bardo Teatro Fisico (AR)

que bardo! (WHAT A MESS!)


Duration: 45 min. | Language: None | Age: All

Argentinian street theater is coming to town! It is full blown circus atmosphere when the Bardo Teatro Fisico enters Valdalsparken with wild acrobatics, stunts and manipulation of objects, celebration and colors. Experience how chaos becomes poetic, when the three artists put together a series of seemingly random actions in pursuit of an endless party. Step into an imaginative, surprising universe, straight from the streets of Argentina. The three artists take you on a fusion between theater and circus. It is dynamic, magical, and humorous entertainment for the whole family. Bring your child, your friend, your sweetheart, or simply yourself.

25.08 FRIDAY & 26.08 SATURDAY
Valdalsparken 16:25

Free admission

Actors: Maximiliano Chiprut, Anahí Dratman, Juan Guiraud
Director: Bardo Teatro Físico
Original music: Jerónimo Guiraud
Scenography: Maximiliano Mendez and Sebastián Mourino
Suits: Las Elvis

No Mad diffusion