Theater Tol (BE)

pedaleando hacia el cielo (Pedalling to heaven)


Duration: 40 min. | Language: None | Age: All

When darkness falls, Theater Tol soars into the sky above Vordingborg. Flying angels surrounded by song and music are looking down at us. Pedalling to heaven tells the story of being together on dark days, and of the angels who balance their lives between heaven and earth while enveloping us humans with their care. The story is told through music, song, film, and dance, while the beautiful angels in flowing gowns float effortlessly through the air. Theater Tol has performed all over the world and enchanted audiences of all ages with their visual, magical musical performance as they create unique spaces where only the imagination sets the limits. They visited the Waves Festival in 2017. After the performance, Bandakadabra  will seduce us with their music to follow them to STARS. Here everyone is welcome to join the closing party and the concert with Bandakadabra – free admission. // Facebook // Instagram

Slotstorvet, Vordingborg 21:45

Gratis forestilling

Crew-members: Alberto Martinez Lorenzo, Aline Deleu, Benjamien Lycke, Bram van Eenoo, Charlotte Kah, Elfje Duchateau, Fleur van Zonneveld, Frank Lunenburg, Helma Melis, Lot Seuntjens, Paola Zampierolo, Pedro Pozos Melo, Steefka Zijlstra, Stefaan Cleiren, Sterre Konijn, Sander Devos, Talitha De Decker, Werner Musenbrock, Yvan de Meyer
Special Credits:
Artistic director & Concept: Lot Seuntjens
Costume designer: Lisette Henst
Music composer: Wouter de Belder
Film editor: Lukas Verdijk
Music: Theater Tol
Sponsor: Flanders State of The Art