Meridiano Teatret (DK)



Duration: 75 minutes | Language: None | Age: 14+

Dive into a grotesque and humorous universe when the figures from paintings by the prominent, Danish artist Michael Kvium are brought to life. The award-winning playwright, stage director and scenographer Giacomo Ravicchio reproduces all the feelings and experiences he himself gets as a spectator of Kvium’s works. Inspired by Kvium’s grotesque universe, and with the tools of the theatre stage and a sculptor’s sense of space, Ravicchio creates a brutally honest and tragicomic caricature of a society of deeply lonely people arrogantly leading the way with selfishness, pomposity, greed, and desire for power. The performance is a cross-artistic mix of drama, musical theatre, performance, and puppetry. // Facebook

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Vordingborg Theatre 19:30
There will be a brief introduction to the performance at 19:00

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Co-production: Meridiano Teatret, ZeBU og Operaen i Midten
Performers: Lars Begtrup, Therese Glahn, Jan Overgaard Mogensen, Karin Norrinder, Serafín Ziqver Xavier
Director, playwright and set designer: Giacomo Ravicchio
Composer and sound designer: Jérôme Baur
Light designer: Martin Danielsen
Dramaturgical consultant: Elise Müller
Choreographic consultant: Jørgen Carlslund
Manuscript translation: Elise Müller og Henriette Zichau Hertz
Costume designer: Karin Ørum
Tailor: Anne Jørgensen
Dollmaker: Katrine Karlsen
Production manager: Nicole Johansen
Repair shop: Steen Molls
Light-sound settlement: Nicolai Micallef/Steen Molls
Technician: Katja Andreasen
Photographer: Ditte Valente