Claudio Stellato



Duration: 50 min | Age: 7+

On a fantastical construction site, Claudio Stellato explores relationships between human bodies and building material. We see craftsmen working, and everyone has a role in manipulating nails, wood, paint and tools. The bodies perform precise gestures resulting from hours and hours of routine. Stellato pushes these physical efforts to the limit of exhaustion, which sometimes leads to absurd results. In this strange universe of absurd humor, the acts of a construction site are repeated, ritualized, coordinated and detached from their original function which brings them closer to dance, circus, music and visual arts. We witness the complicated, illogical and absurd creation of a work of art.

VU Hallen, Chr. Richardtsvej 43, Vordingborg

26.08. THURSDAY KL. 19.30

27.08. FRIDAY KL. 19.30

Admission fee: 220 DKK  / Young people 150 DKK / Group Young people 50 DKK / Group Adults 180 DKK / Students 170 DKK
Tickets sale here.

Performers: Joris Baltz, Oscar De Nova De La Fuente, Mathieu Delangle, Olga David-Rigot
Creator: Claudio Stellato
Administrator and diffusor: Laëtitia Miranda-Neri
Production: Cie Claudio Stellato
Support: Les Quinconces – L’Espal – Théâtres Le Mans, Le Château de Monthelon ­– Lieu pluridisciplinaire, Lieux Publics – CNAREP de Marseille and la Cie Les Marches de l’Été.