Silvia Gribaudi (IT)



Duration: 65 minutes | Language: Few English words | Age: All

MONJOUR is a ‘live comic’ that changes the boundaries between performers and audience and challenges the known order and roles in the theatre. Five very different men dance virtuosically in front of a stream of animated drawings. Two dancers, a clown/actor and two acrobats dressed in shorts, sequin dresses or nothing dance to a virtuoso choreography that fuses ballet, acrobatics and comedy. Almost as a tribute to diversity, the performance focuses on human frailty as a strength, fallibility as a revolutionary force and the unexpected as our opportunity to discover new land. A feelgood show that brings a smile to your face and invites you to embrace diversity.

The show involves scenes of nudity. // Facebook // Instagram

Vordingborg Theatre 19:30
There will be a brief introduction to the performance at 19:00

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Performers: Salvatore Cappello, Nicola Simone Cisternino, Silvia Gribaudi, Riccardo Guratti, Fabio Magnani, Timothée-Aïna Meiffren
Choreography: Silvia Gribaudi
Animated drawings: Francesca Ghermandi
Dramaturgical advice: Matteo Maffesanti
Artistic material created by: Silvia Gribaudi, Salvatore Cappello, Nicola Simone Cisternino, Riccardo Guratti, Fabio Magnani and Timothée-Aïna Meiffren
Light design and technical director: Leonardo Benetollo
Music: Nicola Ratti, Gioachino Rossini