Duration: 30 min | Age: ALL AGES

Two guys, both from the same continent but from different countries, had to travel 8000 km across the ocean and wait for several more years before meeting for the first time on the opposite side of the planet. There they discover all they have in common, how destinies cross in the labyrinth of life, and how – when we meet someone – we can’t help but become new people. They find themselves a place where passion for dance reigns. Where something new is born, a vision of a third person. The dance, a fusion of breakdance and hip hop, defines the three of them.


27.08. FRIDAY KL. 16.30

28.08. SATURDAY KL. 16.25

Free admission

Direction: Asier Zabaleta.
Choreographer: Asier Zabaleta (with the collaboration of Caio Henrique de Souza and Thiago Luiz Almeida)
Dancers: Thiago Luiz Almeida, Rafa Arenas
Music: Forests of my mind.