Meet Claudio Stellato

Tæt på – et nyt koncept på WAVES Festivalen

Duration: 60 min |

Meet …X – a new concept presented at the WAVES Festival

Meet …X” are conversations with some of the many artists at WAVES Festival open for the public. In the interviews we wish to encounter the human beings behind the artistic pieces, as human beings living with art as a central reference point in their life. Why do they create art? What is meaningful for them? What do they wish to contribute to the world through their art? What are significant themes and sources of inspiration? What drives them further, when working with art demands its sacrifices?

The conversations are moderated and take place in an informal and cozy atmosphere. The aim is to create a portrait of the artists relevant for the festival audience as well as for theatre professionals. Everybody is most welcome. It is exactly the point, that when we meet with focus on the essential drive and purpose of art, it is no longer about theatre as a profession, but about human life and what is important and valuable.

At WAVES Festival 2021 you can meet Cladio Stellato, director of Work. Read about WORK here


Claudio Stellato in conversation with Franziska Bork Petersen, PhD in Performance Studies.