Tout En Vrac (FR)



Duration: 35 min | Age: ALL AGES

A newlywed woman, looking like she just came out of a pin-up calendar from the ‘50s, is bustling around the stove. She has one single idea in mind: becoming the perfect housewife by mastering the ultimate recipe: the meringue choco-caramel pie on its apple-compote bed.
In a blink of an eye, flour is sifting, eggs are beaten up, sugar is caramelizing but the recipe turns sour. The lady is not alone; she is fighting against devilish kitchenware. Powerless against the alliance formed between an electric eggbeater, a food processor and a convection oven, she will have to fight for her life if she does not want to end up as roast meat.


26.08 MONDAY

Slotstorvet 4.30pm

27.08. TUESDAY

Slotstorvet 3.40pm


Performer: Noémie Ladouce
Interpretation Lsf: Carlos Carreras
Authors: Antoine Quirion And Charlotte Meurisse
Director: Charlotte Meurisse
Costumes: Aurélie Alcouffe
Scenography: Nicolas Granet And Bénédicte Jacquier