Murmuyo (CHL)



Duration: 45 min | Age: 8+

Murmuyo will surely make you laugh with his distinctive style, in which he blends street performance, circus, miming – he is a big admirer of Marcel Marceau – clowning, and his sensitivity into a dynamic mixture – a virtuosity of imagination. FISURA is an outdoor performance, in which Murmuyo builds a theatrical circus play. The scenography is ready, the audience is waiting, but the most important thing is missing … Where are the actors? That is when the show begins! Starting with the investigation of movement and gesture in the urban space, Murmuyo makes himself and the audience spin inducing vertigo of laughter. Murmuyo uses the language of satire and surprise; he highlights and caricatures human virtues and faults, which usually coexist in the labyrinth of a city, and leads the audience to an exciting finish.

The performance changes from day to day.

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Slotstorvet 4.15pm

30.08. FRIDAY

Stentorvet 7.30pm


Valdalsparken 3.15pm


Artist: Christian Casanova “Murmuyo”