Cirque Inextremiste (FR)



Duration: 45 min | Age: Alle aldre

Risk-taking adds a particular flavor and colors to our life. Through this participatory performance, the audience gets a sense of the sources of comfort and discomfort. A group of people tuning into each other is led towards a potential obstacle, which they will face together. The collective perception of danger is extremely powerful and raises deep questions: Can we trust one another and decide on a common course of action towards a problem? Can we all be the leaders of the group? Come and join the show where you can be a participant and maybe even one of the heroes! // facebook // twitter

26.08. MONDAY

Stentorvet 2.00pm


Stentorvet 3.00pm


Creative director: Yann Ecauvre
Technical manager: Fabrice Dominici
Production manager: Jérôme Souchet
Administrator: Géraldine Gallois