Osadia (ES)

Whose Hair Dares

Participatory performance with live hairstyling

Duration: 90 min | Language: English | Age: all ages

The sculptural quality of hairdressing becomes theatre in the barber chairs of Osadia. Dare to take a seat and have your own locks styled into an outlandish hair sculpture by Osadia’s performers. Or watch in amazement as your fellow audience members return from the barber chair transformed. The street theatre company from Barcelona will enchant Vordingborg with original and provocative displays of sophisticated make-up and hair art, set to fantastic music mixes. And their performance continues long after the artists have completed their tasks, as their hair creations might turn up here and there in the streets of Vordingborg.

www.osadiaonline.com // facebook // flickr // instagram

The yard in front of Stars, Algade 84

26.08 Thursday 17.30 & 20.00

27.08 Friday 16.00 & 19.30

28.08 Saturday 11.00 & 19.45

Free admission


Artistic director and performer: Alex Rendon
Performer: Tara Hodgson