Leandre (ES)

Fly me to the Moon

Street show

Duration: 40 min | Age: all ages

A flying bicycle, wood, iron, dust, big shoes and brow-deep hats. The moon awaits. Fly me to the Moon is the journey of two clowns. Two innocent daydreamers, walking a tightrope of disaster and poetry. In a world where everything happens too fast, the two clowns offer a pause, a moment in the sun. Fly me to the Moon wants to be exactly that: a moment that captures the simple things such as laughing, listening, playing and being amazed. The performance is a gift for the senses. The clowns take us back to a place before cynicism and the maelstrom of everyday problems. A place we all knew so well as kids.



23.08 Monday 17.00

24.08 Tuesday 16.15

Free admission


Creation and staging: Leandre Ribera
Clowns: Leandre Ribera and Laura Miralbes
Music: Marco Rubiol
Composer: Victor Morato
Production: Leandre SL
Management: Agnés Forn
Supports: ICEC, INAEM