Transe Express (FR)

Mù – Cinematique des Fluides

Performance on the ground and in the air
Closing performance

Duration: 60 min | Age: All

The mystics call it Genesis, the scientists The Big Bang. But the French ensemble Transe Express just wants to be poets and evoke the world’s origin sensitively to us. The performance MÙ – CINÉMATIQUE DES FLUIDES is a monumental and celestial total theatre experience, a journey in Jules Verne’s footsteps from the Earth to the Moon. The performance includes a gigantic, luminous structure that opens to you as a music box and takes you through the elements of our world. With music, mechanics and adventurous tableaux you fly high in the croup of an air stream and prepare for the big dive into the heart of the abyss. Transe Express is a pioneer of street theatre and has presented their amazing performances in 50 countries on five continents. Prepare for a journey that will make your heart fly.


31.08. Saturday

Slotstorvet 9.00pm



Collective writing: Rémi Allaigre, Mickaël Belle, David Frier, Matthieu Neumann,
Ivan Tziboulsky, Gilles Rhode
Scenography: Rémi Allaigre, Gilles Rhode
Performer coach: Alberto Nason
Engineering: Pierre Garabiol, , Mickaël Belle
Composition: Philippe Gilbert, Léopold Plastaga, Rémi Allaigre
Light design: TILT-François Fouilhé / Jean-Baptiste Laude
Costume and accessories : David Frier, Céline Carraud, Clothilde Laude, Gilles Rhode
Musicians: Amanda Gardone, Marc de Sousa, Eric Houdart, Lionel Garcin, Vincent Stephan, Laurent Arn, Raphael Carrara, Ivan Tziboulsky, Louis Gaumeton
Acrobats: Tarzana Fourès, Amélie Kourim, Thibault Lapeyre, Lutz Christian, Guillaume Amaro, Marika Mazzanti
Singers: Karole Seyve, Maryvette Lair, Franck Saurel, Harold Savary
Trainers: Rémi Allaigre, David Frier, Mathieu Neumann, Olivier Balagna
Technicians: Frank Gaffiot, Laurent Dolques, Arnaud Barbiéri, Agop Djevahirdjian, Loïc Marijon, Patrick Figgle