Barolosolo (FR)


Comedy in water

Duration: 45 min | Language: English | Age: 5+

A circus show in ankle-deep water? Why not!
Two clowns enter the limelight and unfold a musical show with humour and an acrobatic fear of water in a small pool. A Chinese pole turns into a flute and the water turns into a drum, while the guitar and banjo try to stay above water. One clown is in his proper element, while the other hates water and tries to avoid it by all means, especially by climbing on its partner. Absurd gimmicks and musical poetry make sure that no eye is left dry.

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28.08. Wednesday

Valdalsparken 2.00pm

Valdalsparken 5.15pm

29.08. Thursday

Valdalsparken 2.00pm

Valdalsparken 5.15pm



Production and direction: Mathieu Levavasseur, William Valet, Laurent Desflèches, Michel Cerda and Sébastien Lalanne
Music: Mathieu Levavasseur and William Valet
Staging: Laurent Desflèches

Conseil Régional Languedoc Roussillon
Conseil Général de l’Aude