Libertivores (FR)


Dance and acrobatics

Duration: 30 min | Age: All

A young woman slips away from ordinary life and enters a forest of mysteries and dreams. Her lithe body weaves and glides, entwining with the wood. In this moment of grand solitude her heart glows stronger, and a new dimension is revealed. Ascending, gathering strength, she opens to another, more intimate world. It is a harmonious, hypnotic meeting between an uncommon aerial apparatus and a young woman in full metamorphosis.

Hêtre is one of two short pieces by the French dance company Libertivore created as a diptych regarding the place of humans in nature. Hêtre (beech) is a wild aerial solo on a suspended branch. Phasmes (stick insects) is a fresh direction for duet acrobatics.


26.08 Monday

Ruinterrænet 3.45pm

27.08 Tuesday

Ruinterrænet 4.30pm


Writing and choregraphy: Fanny Soriano
Performer: Kamma Rosenbeck
Music: Thomas Barrière
Costumes: Sandrine Rozier