Cantabile 2 (DK)

Hidden Number

Human Specific

Duration: 3 hours 15 min | Language: Danish/english | Age: 16+

HIDDEN NUMBER is the latest performance by Cantabile 2, and has Vordingborg as the setting in which you are sent to explore forgotten stories, familiar and unfamiliar faces and places you never knew existed. You are at the same time detective, explorer and an important guest, when you are invited behind doors that are normally closed to the public. The performance will blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, when the audience is sent on a journey through the city in huge American cars. Their journey will lead them to encounters in private houses and bedrooms, through lovely nature and horrible decay, or in a pursuit of hidden clues in the city’s bars.

HIDDEN NUMBER played a number of sold out perfor-mances in Vordingborg in the autumn of 2O16, and is now returning for Waves Festival with the original cast. // facebook

21.08 Monday

Medborgerhuset at 18.00

23.08 Wednesday

Medborgerhuset at 18.00

24.08 Thursdag

Medborgerhuset at 18.00

25.08 Friday

Medborgerhuset at 18.00

Admission 175 dkr. // Free with partout ticket
Tickets can be bought here.


Idé og koncept: Nullo Facchini
Instruktør: Nullo Facchini
Produktionsleder: Delia Trice
Teknisk ledelse: Allan Hansen
Scenograf: Paola Serafini
Scenografiassistent: Luí Angelini
Rekvisitter: Linnea Soldthved Jensen
Medvirkende: Al Seed, Sabrina Martin, Angela Lindstrøm
Østergaard, Karolina Pietrzykowska, Loa Carlslund, Maria
Stoyanova, Nullo Facchini, Steffen Sommerstedt, Siri Facchini Haff, Rolf Hansen, Anna Bove Eiler, Minni Katina Mertens.