Cantabile 2 has been presenting WAVES Festival since 1987. The first festival took place in Copenhagen, but since 1991 the festival has had a home in Vordingborg, were Cantabile 2 is the regional theatre.

WAVES Festival presents the newest and most original work within a wide variety of stage art genres. Here you can experience site-specific performances around town, world class dance performances, circus, comedy from all around the world, and of course the Human Specific performances, which Cantabile 2 hold dear. A common thread throughout the shows is that they are so visual or sensory based, that they can be understood and enjoyed regardless of language or nationality. The festival offers something for every taste and every age. WAVES Festival is the stage art festival for all of Vordingborg.

Besides a very strong indoor program, Waves Festival also includes a free outdoor program, presenting performances from all around the world, which the entire family can enjoy in the streets of Vordingborg. On top of this, Waves Festival also includes two special programs; Skvulp! for the school children of the area, and Waves Xtra for professionals.