Studium Actoris & Adrian Schvarzstein



Duration: 45 min | Age: ALL AGES

In Sweet Home on Wheels director Adrian Schvarzstein performs the character of the “wife” while actor Paolo Martini performs the character of the “husband”. Moments of love, jealousy, tenderness and irritation unfold when husband and wife relate to each other and interact with the audience. The show captivates audiences by humorously exploiting those idiosyncrasies which colour the simple life for us ordinary people. The camper van’s tight living conditions keep disrupting the harmony and absurd and comical slap-stick situations are created like pearls on a string. //


25.08. WEDNESDAY KL. 16.35

27.08. FRIDAY KL. 14.30

Free admission


Director: Adrian Schvarzstein
Actors: Adrian Schvarzstein, Paolo Martini
Producers: Studium Actoris & Adrian Schvarzstein
Costumes/props: Lill Roos and Studium Actoris
Scenography: Studium Actoris
Electronic hardware and software: NxTech with assistance of students from Sciencelinja at Greåker High School
Support: Norwegian Ministry of Culture, The County of Østfold and the City of Fredrikstad