Odile Pinson (FR)



Duration: 50 min | Language: Engelsk | Age: 4+

Premiers Secours (First Aid) is a fast-paced street show where you are invited to follow our two heroic newly trained paramedics, their devoted dog and their unique rescue car! They face many different rescues and sometimes need help from the audience in order to succeed. It is a question of intervening quickly and professionally and not being afraid when both animals and people have to be rescued. Join the center of the action through the streets and step into a roller coaster of a rescue adventure!

www.odilepinson.com // facebook


25.08. WEDNESDAY KL. 15.35

26.08. THURSDAY KL. 16.05

Free admission


Authors and performers: Diane Léveque, Edouard Cuvelier and Harpo (the dog).
Author and director: Christine Rossignol
Costumes: Evelyne Meerschaut
Mechanical assistant: Michel de Retroguidon
Production teasers: Anna Lawan