Effetto Larsen (IT)



Duration: 120 min | Language: Engelsk | Age: 14+

Effetto Larsen is visiting Vordingborg with a participatory art project on decision- and community-making processes. The performance, which has already travelled internationally, is strongly inspired and influenced by the COVID-19 crisis and asks: If we had to design a community from scratch, how should we decide how to organize it? We would have to agree on the basics. Power, resources, justice, relationships – pivotal points of our world would have to be reviewed with fresh eyes. Pop Up Civilisation has already travelled internationally. It reminds us of the role we can play in the social realities around us – be they a neighborhood, a family, or a political organization. Come join us.

www.effettolarsen.it/en // facebook // instagram

Vordingborg Rådhus, Valdemarsgade 43

23.08. MONDAY KL. 18.15

24.08. TUESDAY KL. 18.15

Tickets must be reserved, as the show is limited to 25 participants.
Ticket reservation here.


Concept and artistic direction: Matteo Lanfranchi
Dramaturg: Aneta Fodorová
Sound Design: Roberto Rettura
Set design: Fabrice Deperrois, assisted by Tim Hinam and Pauline Thébault – Les Plastiqueurs collective
Direction assistance: Beatrice Cevolani
Promotion and management: Vittoria Lombardi
Scientific supervisor: Alessandra Frigerio, PhD in Social, Cognitive and Clinical Psychology
Production: Atelier 231 (France), La Strada Graz (Austria), 4+4 Days in Motion (Czech Republic), Festival di Terni (Italy), ODA (Kosovo), Uz Arts (UK), Effetto Larsen (Italy), Reverb (Italy).