Libertivore (FR)



Duration: 30 min | Age: ALL AGES

A mysterious entity faces us, and this chimera mutates, moves and interacts with its environment, eliciting animal, and mineral and plant life. The spectator is captivated by optical illusions and morphing apparitions: a galloping headless creature becomes a delicate insect, which in turn becomes a creeping form of alien architecture. We then discover that the entity is in fact two bodies behaving as one, showing unexpected transformations inspired by the organic world.

Phasmes is one of two short pieces by the French dance company Libertivore created as a diptych regarding the place of humans in nature. Hêtre (beech) is a wild aerial solo on a suspended branch. Phasmes (stick insects) is a fresh direction for duet acrobatics.


26.08. MONDAY

Ruinterrænet kl. 17.15

27.08. TUESDAY

Ruinterrænet kl. 17.05


Choreography, direction: Fanny Soriano
Outside eye: Mathilde Monfreux and Damien Fournier
Performers: Voleak Ung and Vincent Brière
Music: Thomas Barrière
Lighting: Cyril Leclerc
Costumes: Sandrine Rozier