Asterions Hus (DK)

My space


Duration: 70 min. | Language: Some Danish | Age: 12+

Join the journey into the creative mind of an artist.

An adventurous universe that may inspire children and adults alike.
Get into the very soul of Tilde Knudsen when she unfolds her self-portrait as a performing artist.

Through dance, movement, surprising props, sound, and light, you are invited on a journey through memory, dreams, mind, body, and soul. All the way to the source of creativity.

How many breaths are required on a stretch of road? Is it Rachmaninov or Led Zeppelin being felt in the elbow?

My Space presents a powerful universe where Tilde unfolds her story with equal amount of physical superpower and elegance. Tilde dances with shadows and hides in the light, as she explores the world with her body. // Facebook // Instagram

Pavillon K, Skovvej 2, Vordingborg 18:00
There will be a brief introduction to the performance at 17:30

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Performer: Tilde Knudsen
Director: Peter Kirk
Playwright, author: Tilde Knudsen, Asterions Hus
Production: Asterions Hus
Consultants:  Emil Hansen, Jakob Stage, Caroline McSweeney

Produced with support by the Danish Arts Foundation