Compagnie Krak (BE)



Duration: 35 min | Age: 5+

In Kontrol, Dieter “Raphaël” Missiaen elicits a whole lot of magic from everyday objects. With a simple shelving system, a matchbox, a coffee cup and his own clothing he creates a captivating spectacle full of situational humor. The poetic clowning performance dazzles with its unpretentiousness. Compagnie Krak consists of Els Degryse and Dieter Missiaen. It was founded in 2008 to bring shows to street children all around the world. Back home in Belgium they developed their work into contemporary circus performances. Kontrol is Dieter’s second solo show. // facebook// instagram

24.08 TUESDAY KL. 15.30

25.08 WEDNESDAY KL. 17.30

Free admission


With and by: Dieter “Raphaël” Missiaen
Coach: Ief Gilis (Circo Ripopolo)
Support: Vlaanderen, Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof, het Vlaams Circuscentrum, Miramiro and Het Entrepot.