Tita8lou (CH)



Duration: 45 min | Age: ALL AGES

Kalabazi is the story of a young eccentric woman in a polka-dotted dress who has an hour to spare before leaving. On a whim she decides to use it to get married. But not just to anybody! She organises a contest amongst the audience to find the perfect spouse. Two spectators will do their best to make her dream come true by undertaking the most whimsical challenges. This circus, clown and poetry show brims with emotion. The truly amazing Jessica Arpin tackles multiple acrobatics on her bicycle – creating wonder and a crescendo of amusement amongst the audience.

www.jessicaarpin.com // instagram

27.08 FRIDAY

Slotstorvet 15.30


Parking lot behind Algade 61 kl. 15.25

Free admission

Performer: Jessica Arpin
Costumes: Julien Chaix, Quitterie Meillac