Libertivore (FR)



Duration: 30 min | Age: 8+

A young woman slips away from ordinary life and enters a forest of mysteries and dreams. Her lithe body weaves and glides, entwining with the wood. In a moment of great solitude her heart glows, she grows stronger and becomes able to reveal a new dimension of her being. In Hêtre, the French company Libertivore celebrates our vital need for solitude that can forge our person and our freedom – and solitude’s capacity to do nothing less than transform us. The show is a hybrid of dance and circus, executed with tenderness and tremendous virtuosity.


26.08 THURSDAY KL 14.30 & KL. 17.00

Free admission


Creation and direction: Fanny Soriano
Performer: Nina Harper
Music: Thomas Barrière
Costume: Sandrine Rozier
Production: Libertivore
Support: Awarded a local artists’ creation grant by the city of Aubagne, France, as well as a dissemination grant by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.