Teatro Actores Alidos (IT)



Duration: 120 min | Language: English | Age: Age: 16+ | Children under 16 must be accompanied by adults

Are you looking for an experience in the forest in which you explore your senses and sharpen them? Experience unfolds as a poetic and imaginary journey to the Italian island of Sardinia. Through sounds, song and tastes, Actores Alidos guide the participants into sensuous contact with the island’s culture and myths. As Experience stimulates all our senses with songs, narrations, music, physical contact and aromas it allows us to become more aware of our own sensuous perception and its connection to the world of emotions.

Cell phones must be completely disabled. Comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for walking is recommended.

www.actoresalidos.com  // facebook // instagram

Meeting place is the parking lot at, Oringe, Færgegårdsvej 15, Vordingborg

26.8. THURSDAY KL. 18.00

27.8. FRIDAY KL. 18.00

28.8. SATURDAY KL. 12.00

If any questions regarding the meeting place, please  call Helle Iuel at + 45 55 34 01 19

Admission fee 110 DKK
Ticket sales here.

Author and director: Gianfranco Angei
Actresses / singers: Valeria Pilia, Elisa Marongiu, Roberta Locci, Valeria Parisi, Michela Cogotti
Musician: Jonathan Della Marianna