Elephants Laugh (KOR)



Duration: 90 min | Language: English | Age: 16+

It is a frightening thing to give up seeing in the world you used to live in, but here, you will experience some curious things if you do. How free can you be in darkness? Why can’t darkness free us completely? This performance allows us to confront the society’s conditions of self-censorship. In addition, you’ll be led to examine the easily overlooked sexual objectification of the body. The body is presented not simply as a physical perspective but as a source of various emotions that we go through on a daily basis. Everything is determined by the choices and willpower of participants, each of who will thus be able to create their own unique experience. Even though the performance takes place under the same circumstances, individual experiences are bound to vary according to the differing ethics of participants.


27.08. TUESDAY

Secret venue – 6.00pm / Info will come with an sms to participants.
Secret venue – 10.00pm / Info will come with an sms to participants.

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Director: Jinyeob Lee
Performers: Hyunsung Seo, Sun hee Park, Kijang Han
Sound operator: Jaemin Yoon
Tour manager : Bongmin Choi
Producer: Jisun Park

Supported by Arts Council Korea