Cirque Rouages (FR)



Duration: 45 min | Age: ALL AGES

Boate is telling the story of two migrants and the adventures and emotions they live through on their journey. Two men, young at heart, in motion, whether in equilibrium or falling. On their back they carry an enormous wooden box, as heavy as their past, as empty as their future. The two acrobats manipulate the box to challenge balance and falling. Their bodies speak, charting their journey with the lightness of youth, full of strength and hope. Though danger threatens, the two courageously rush towards uncertainty. As they defy gravity together, we embark with them on their odyssey, while a live musician mixes rhythms for the trip.


25.08 WEDNESDAY KL. 14.00

26.08 THURSDAY KL. 15.10

Free admission


Dramaturgy and staged by: Elodie Cercleux
By and with acrobat: Gaspard Albrespy, Florent Finot
Musical composition and interpretation: François Guillemette, Mael Oudin
Set designer: Clément Agate
Tour manager and Production: Camille Diard
Administrator: Stéphanie Buirette
Support: Conseil Régional du Grand-Est with the creation grant 2017 of Conseil Général de la Meuse.
The performance is a free adaptation of the book Bilal sur la route des clandestins by Fabrizio Gatti, based on the original idea of Emilien Agate