Bandakadabra (IT)



Duration: 45 minutes | Language: None | Age: All

The Italian brass band Bandakadabra entertains the audience in the street with a music show full of humor and charm and audience participation in their concert Figurini. With choreographed movements, shiny brass instruments and percussion, the band combines styles and genres that don’t immediately fit together. An Ennio Morricone western soundtrack can overflow into a Beatles tune that can melt into wild Count Basie swing, and the result is a humorous piece of music theater you won’t forget. Everything is different when Bandakadabra plays. The music plays, but the instruments are not just instruments, they are also props. In Figurini, music is not just to be heard. It must be seen. // Facebook // Instagram

25.08 FRIDAY 14:00
Stentorvet in Algade ➡️ Pavillon K

26.08 SATURDAY 14:45
Pavillon K ➡️ Algade

Free admission

Giacomo Bertocchi: alto sax
Elia Conti: trumpet
Gipo Di Napoli: bass drum
Midhait Huseine: sousaphone
Paolo Inserra: snare drum
Giulio Piola: trumpet
Daniele Raimondi: trombone
Direction: Gipo Di Napoli