Adrian Schvarzstein and Jurate Sirvyte (ES/LT)



Duration: 45 min | Language: English | Age: ALL AGES

They arrive from a not-so-distant past and therefore see our world differently. They appear to be blissfully naïve and willing to help everyone. They are obsessed with orderliness, trying scrupulously to tidy up the city, its citizens, and every single thing that catches their eyes. They surprise passers-by with their funny behaviour, provoke and make them laugh by creating absurd situations. Music coming from their suitcases is the only clue as to where these two strangers came from. By accepting the rules of that unfamiliar world the audience, for a short while, becomes part of this performance.


26.08. MONDAY

Stentorvet 2.45pm
Ruinterrænet 5.45pm

27.08. TUESDAY

Slotstorvet 2.00pm
Ruinterrænet 5.35pm

Artists: Adrian Schvarzstein and Jurate Sirvyte