Murmuyo (ES)



Duration: 35-45 min | Age: All ages

Become a friend of Murmuyo – and follow him as he walks around the city, creating connections between both strangers and neighbors. AMI-GO! is an itinerant performance that starts at a new site each time, and every performance is fully improvised. As a tribute to friendship, Murmuyo unites people who are brought together on a guided tour where both the public and private spaces we normally use as individuals are explored. In Murmuyo’s world, “everything belongs to everyone” – and in the wake of his bold play and cheeky inventions, experiences are exchanged between those involved, and a sense of community arises. // facebook // instagram

23.08 MONDAY KL. 14.00


24.08 TUESDAY KL. 14.30

Vordingborg Bibliotek

25.08 WEDNESDAY KL. 14.50


Free admission


Director and performer: Christian Casanova
Assistant director: Víctor Gracia