Kamchàtcha (ES)



Duration: 70-90 min | Language: Engelsk | Age: 8+

With Alter, the Barcelona-based Kamchàtka presents a participatory performance that takes its audience on a journey into the night. Participants will be guided to a forest close to Vordingborg, where they will be invited to share fragments of memories, both the happy ones and the painful. The experience of this nocturnal interaction around dreams and imaginations will be intimately linked to the landscape and environment.
Kamchàtka has previously received acclaim for its participatory work, and the group adapts each performance to each specific context and environment.

NOTE: Please wear comfortable walking shoes and warm clothing in cold weather. The show is not suitable for audience with impaired mobility.

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Info about meeting place will follow after the ticket is bought.

23.08 MONDAY 21.00

24.08 TUESDAY 21.00

If any questions regarding the meeting place, please  call Helle Iuel at + 45 55 34 01 19

Admission fee: 110 DKK
Tickets sale here.


Author: Compagnie Kamchàtka (collective)

Creators: Cristina Aguirre Pérez, Claudio Levati, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz Parra, Lluís Petit, Josep Roca Canal, Eduardo Rodilla Soriano, Santi Rovira Odena, Adrian Schvarzstein Bialostozky, Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa

Performers at Waves FestivalCristina Aguirre Pérez, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz Parra, Lluís Petit, Eduardo Rodilla Soriano, Santi Rovira Odena, Gary Shochat
Artistic coordination: Prisca Villa  & Lluís Petit
Soundtrack: La Fausse compagnie / Le chant des pavillons
Video production: Lluis de Sola.
Video Box programming and technical design: Claire-Noël and Félix Le Saulnier
Video Box construction: Oriol Pont
Animations: Diego Ingold
With the support of:  the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) – Generalitat de Catalunya